Dec 21, 2008

11-5 Mosconi Cup Victory For Europe

On 14 December, for the first time ever, team Europe retained their title as Mosconi Cup winners and what a victory it was!

Sponsored by at Malta's Hilton Hotel in Portomaso, the two teams had gone head to head from day 1 on December 11. The passion was clear for all to see; no-one wanted to give an inch. It clearly meant a great deal to everyone involved. This was no ordinary game of 9ball!

The MVP was Mika Immonen from Team Europe, undoubtedly the strongest player over the 4 days and possibly one of the strongest on the current world pool circuit. Ralf Souquet was nothing short of brilliant - he won every one of his matches. Complimenting them on Team Europe was Neils Feijen, Tony Drago and Mark Gray. Alex Lely was their non-playing captain.

The USA fielded a strong team with legends Johnny Archer and Earl Strickland doing their best to lead their younger compatriots Rodney Morris, Shane Van Boening and Jeremy Jones. Nick Varner was their non-playing captain but despite all his efforts of support, they just couldn't match the strength and tenacity of Team Europe.

A great tournament with some really exciting battles - that's what the Mosconi Cup has always been about. Roll on the next one in 2009 and watch out Las Vegas!

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