Aug 18, 2008

Pool Tables - Choosing The Right Pool Table

If you ever think of buying a pool table for use at home you will need to consider many things. These include:
  • pool table style
  • pool table cloth type
  • pool table cloth colour
  • pool table size
Perhaps the most important thing, however, is to consider the size of room you have available and accordingly what size pool table will actually fit comfortably into it. In a sense you have to work backwards - you should make a plan of the room, ignoring measurements into recesses, windows or doorways and generally speaking you should not consider putting the pool table at a diagonal in the room as it brings the pockets uncomfortably close to the walls. Once you have a clear idea of the room's relevant measurements you can look seriously at pool table sizes. These vary from 6ft x 3ft with variations up to 9ft x 4ft 6ins.

On there is a pool room sizes page which gives a few guidelines and examples of what size room you need for each size of pool table. A very important first step before making that all important pool table purchase.

Once you have calculated the right size of pool table you can then go on to thinking about cloth colour. There's a lot of choice here too. Maybe you want to consider the colour scheme of the room you have in mind to put the pool table in or perhaps you have a life-long favourite colour. Whether it's pro green, wine, camel or pro blue (to name just a few), take your time and be sure it's right for you and the room. We have a basic colour chart that gives some examples of pool table cloth colours which you're welcome to read as a guideline.

Many famous people have been pool fans from Abraham Lincoln who was reportedly quick an accomplished pool player and had his own pool table, to George Washington, Mark Twain and more recently, Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Here are photos of some of them in 'pool playing' pose.

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