Dec 15, 2010

9 ball video - clip 9 (trick shot)

All 9 ball players like to think they are 'cool' around the pool table.

Efren Reyes has to be one of the 'coolest' ever 9 ball players simply because he doesn't try to be, he's just brilliantly natural.

If and when you get to perform a brilliant shot in front of a other players it's an amazing feeling. Let's face it everybody enjoys watching great play whether it's 9 ball trick shots or just a display of great potting skill or ball control.

Here is a video clip for you to enjoy .... it's not a typical trick shot .... more one of those that you watch and wait to react, then realise how subtle and clever it is! Not easy to emulate ... ENJOY!

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Nov 11, 2010

9 ball video - clip 8

One of the toughest shots in pool (not just 9 ball) is to pot a ball that is tight on the rail, especially if it's a fair distance from the pocket you need to pot it into.

You have to get the angle exactly right otherwise the ball will nudge the rail and start to come away which of course means it will not travel in a straight line and probably miss the pocket you are aiming for.

This 9 ball video clip shows how it should be done. A 7 ball is halfway up the rail and requires to be potted at pace.

Thanks Oliver for making this great shot - you made it look easy!

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