Oct 8, 2010

9ball, Gambling & Poker - What's The Connection?

The game of 9ball is a colourful one; often entertaining with twists and turns, it's not always easy to predict the outcome.

Today 9ball is played in many pool halls, clubs and private homes. Historically, however - and we see this portrayed very strongly in the movies - the game of pool has been synonomous with gambling with players playing for money and/or often playing in pool halls where quiet but serious poker games are being played in the dark corners.

For many people therefore, the game of pool has a gambling connection. So if you're one of those people and you happen to like playing poker, you might like to read about Poker Card Tricks or the latest Poker News. Then there's always a little studying you can do about Holdem Poker Rules or you might prefer some great poker jokes. The choice is yours!

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