Aug 7, 2010

Pool In The Movies

There have been some great movies made where pool and pool players feature in the story. Paul Newman as 'Fast Eddie Felsen' in 'The Hustler' is perhaps the most famous.

However, there are plenty of other movies that feature a pool game or a pool hall for a particular scene setting.

Here's a great example - 'Rush Hour' featuring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. There is a fabulous scene where they visit the Azteca Pool hall. A fight breaks out and Jackie (playing Inspector Lee) has the most amazing fight fending off attacks from several pool players armed with pool cues. Jackie successfully defends himself, leaping over pool tables and disarming the assailants using everything at his disposal from pool balls to pool cues - he even swirls 2 pool cues at the same time in self defence. Not only that but halfway through the fight sequence he even has time to flick the black 8 ball into a pocket with his fingers, as if he couldn't resist the opportunity to finish off a rack himself! Brilliant, entertaining and very skillful.

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