Jun 8, 2010

Pool Cues

Pool cues are to pool players what tennis racquets are to tennis players. They have to feel absolutely right!

This includes several key factors:

length of cue
grip type
cue tip

Professional pool players, including 9ball players, usually have a custom made pool cue. There are some top class pool cue manufacturers to choose from too.

There are plenty of choices when looking for pool cues online. Stores such as Amazon offer a decent range for the amateur pool player.

If you take your game of 9 ball seriously you might like to buy a cue that you've seen a professional 9 ball player use such as Efren Reyes or Daryl Peach.

Before you decide which pool cue to buy and how much money to spend, remember the real value of the game of pool is in how much you enjoy it. If you don't enjoy the game then no matter how good your pool cue is, it won't help!

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