Nov 2, 2008

World Cup Of Pool Victory For USA

On 12 October the USA claimed its first ever victory at the World Cup of Pool Title.

Team USA's victorious World Cup of Pool pair Rodney Morris and Shane van Boening were clearly proud at becoming the first American players to win the prestigious team trophy. Morris and van Boening defeated Daryl Peach and Mark Gray from the English team (score 11-7) in a thrilling final at the Outland nightclub in Rotterdam, Holland.

"This is a major tournament, a world event, a world title, so to win this is just awesome," said Morris."We didn't perform at our best in the beginning of the tournament but that's why we were seeded and we felt good and gelled nicely. Shane is a good partner because he never misses. I think we peaked at the right time and got a nice rhythm. Shane got me playing a little smarter and tighter and got me concentrating. It's more special for me to see Shane win and I was trying hard not to let him down. I'm just happy we made it and it's a relief. I didn't want to let my team down and that keeps me tight."

This was the first time that Shane van Boening had represented the USA in this tournament and he strongly felt that he and Morris had made their own bit of history.

"Winning this means we are the first American team to win it and that really means something," said van Boening. "We didn't know each other very well at the start but we got along well and had a good time. We're looking forward to coming back next year and defending our title".

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