Sep 12, 2008

Pool Cues

Pool cues to pool players are like tennis racquets to tennis players. They have to feel right in size, weight, grip and smoothness of action. Professional pool players, including 9 ball players, will often as not have a pool cue custom made to suit their style. If you only play pool for fun of course you don't have to go to such lengths but even so there are lots of top quality pool cues to choose from.

Pool cues can be made of different types of wood, finished in different veneers, carry different weights and have different types and size of cue tip. The range is enormous. So where do you begin to look to buy a pool cue? Well, an obvious choice is to look at pool cues online. Apart from being able to take your time browsing the choices there are often guidelines on such websites to help you understand the choices available. For example there's a great wood and veneer gallery on the Annie O Pro Shop site.

If you take your game of 9 ball seriously you might like to buy a cue that you've seen a professional 9 ball player use such as Efren Reyes or Daryl Peach For example, you can search the Internet and read about how Efren Reyes bought a custom AO pool cue after trying one owned by Edgar Acaba. You can even click to see a close up of the beautiful inlays on the cue.

For keen amateurs and those who don't necessarily have the budget for a custom cue, don't worry there's lots of choice out there - such as the pool cues on this Amazon associate store. They range from just $10.95 to $239.20. If you want to keep your old cue with you when trying out a new cue in a match, you might find a cue case that carries 2 cues handy.

Wherever you go for your pool cue and whatever you decide to buy, remember the real value of the game of pool is in how much you enjoy it. If you don't enjoy the game then no matter how good your pool cue is, it won't help!