May 18, 2008

9 Ball Rules: Racking The Balls, Break Shots To Bad Hits

9 ball is a great game to watch but, like any sport, it's easy to take for granted all the rules that the players (and referee) have to abide by.

Generally speaking, most professional games of 9 ball are played by the "World Standardized Rules". The object of the game is the first, important thing to understand about 9 ball; after that, the racking of the balls and the break shot, the latter of which is easy to do wrong. Practising the break off shot is something all players spend a lot of time on - not just to get a good start on the rack but to ensure they don't make an illegal break shot. Continuing play, understanding what makes a foul shot, making jump shots and of course how to win the game are some of the other key points in the rules of 9 ball.

More 9 ball rules information (also a separate link to view the rules of 'straight pool' or 14.1 Continuous as some people call it).

In every sport there seems to be a range of terms unique to that sport - and the game of 9 ball is no different. Here are a few examples:

head string
break shot
push out
ball in hand
no rail
jump shot
foul shot

There's lots more too which all goes towards making 9 ball pool so characterful!

May 6, 2008

Welcome To Our 9 Ball Pool Blog

9 Ball Pool - The Fastest Growing Sport in the World!

More or less until the 1980s, the most commonly played game of pool was called 14-1. However many people felt that although it was an extremely skilful game, it could be pretty dull mainly because the result of the match was often predictable with the best player always tending to win. Without a doubt, one of the greatest exponents of this form of pool was the legendary Willie Mosconi after whom the Mosconi cup tournament between the USA and Europe is named. Mosconi really popularised the game of pool in the USA and quite incredibly won no less than 526 matches in a row on one occasion in exhibition play!

In spite of the remarkably skilful displays of a few players like Mosconi, it was eventually agreed that a new version of the game should be created in which the main emphasis would be potting the 9 ball. Thus, the game we know today as 9 ball pool was born.
9 ball pool history

The rules of 9 Ball Pool not really that complicated. Balls are numbered 1 through 9 and with each shot of the cueball, the first ball contacted must be the ball on the table with the lowest number. However, not all of the balls have to be pocketed in order - they can be pocketed by the lowest numbered ball on the table colliding with them or 'cannoning' into them as it may be called. When a player is able to pocket any ball on a legal shot, he may stay at the table until he either misses, commits a foul or wins the game by pocketing the 9 ball.

After a player misses, the opposing player must shoot from the exact position left by the other player, but, after any foul the incoming player may start with the cue ball anywhere on the table and this is known as "ball in hand". The end of a match comes when one of the players has won the specified number of games or when the 9 ball is pocketed.
9 ball rules in more detail.

One of the most flamboyant facets of 9 ball pool today is the performance by the most gifted players of
9 ball pool trick shots Frequently, competitions held around the world and a remarkably high level of skill is demonstrated at these events. Not all the trick shots are unattainable by the average 9 ball pool player however and one which springs to mind is 'The Cue Is Quicker than the Eye' which was featured in the movie "The Hustler". You can view a video of this impressive 9 ball pool trick shot by clicking on the above link and incidentally, learn how to perform the trick shot yourself.

On the 11th November 2007, the world of 9 ball pool which has a long time been dominated by either American or Philipino champions was rocked when the World 9 ball Pool Championships held in Manila was won by Daryl Peach from the UK who was pretty much a rank outsider. On the way to becoming world champion, Daryl played magnificently and kept his nerve to win the final 17 to 15 defeating Roberto Gomez in the process.
Daryl Peach biography

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