Feb 20, 2010

9 ball videos - Clip 6

For this next 9 ball video clip we chose another long pot .... this time the 1 ball is potted from the other extreme end of the table with the cue ball close to the cushion. It's a brave shot - made at pace with total control of the cue ball. Great 9 ball play Oliver!

How much do you know about the choice of colours for the cloth on a 9 ball table? Check out our pool table cloth colours page. You might be surprised at the choices!

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Feb 17, 2010

9 ball videos - Clip 5

Potting long shots in the game of 9 ball is something most players try to avoid. The greater the distance between the cue ball and the object ball, the more chance there is of the shot going wrong. It's the same in snooker (though of course much more difficult in that game as the table is 12ft long!).

This 9 ball video clip we made shows Oliver taking on and succeeding with a great long pot, potting the 5 ball at pace.

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Feb 7, 2010

9 ball videos - Clip 4

Another cannon shot to pot the 9 ball and win the rack.

In this 9 ball video clip Oliver makes a clever shot, sending the cue ball into the 6 ball which in turn gently cannons into the 9 ball at just the right angle to send it down the table and into one of the bottom corner pockets. With the 9 ball so close to the side cushion, it's not an easy shot. Well done Oliver - game over!

This was not a 'trick shot' as such, just a clever one. If you want to see some trick shots go to our 9 ball trick shots page where we explain 7 great trick shots common to 9 ball pool.

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